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Dearest Traveler,

Deep in the heart of the Midwest, hidden from all both physically and magically, is a secret place that holds the knowledge of this world, the next world, and every world in between. You won’t find it advertised on the internet. In fact, simply being where you are right now brings you as close to The Archives as you will likely ever be.

Within the walls of this underground structure, the Chronicler painstakingly sorts through old stories, new stories, documents from near and far, but most importantly communicates with the powers that be in order to keep records of the most important battles and occurrences throughout time and planes of existence.

The Archives are guarded by the Keeper and so too is the Chronicler. Together they build the tomes for the future and protect the histories of the past. Some stories are kept secret, for only those who need know to read. Others are important for the survival of humanity and the other races that this world holds. These, the important accounts, the tales that could save the world, are the books that the Chronicler has released and will release to the public.

For it is in times like these that we all need a little magic in our lives.

Here you will find the volumes within the Archives of Metaphysical Warfare that I have released.

Read. Enjoy. May you leave blessed, educated, and entertained.

C. Gaff
The Chronicler
The Archives of Metaphysical Warfare

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