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Volume 1: The End is the Beginning is the End

      It’s funny how your whole world can change in just one moment; how the progression of life can sometimes flip everything you thought you knew upside down. When you come to the realization that there is a world beyond what you thought you knew, an eternal war being fought and everyone is a part of it, even if they know nothing of it. An individual could still be called up to serve, being thrust in the middle with no warning. 

      Hope hadn’t ever truly felt special. In fact, quite frequently in her life, she had felt as if she were a failure or at least below average. Then out of nowhere, a historical figure plucked her from mundane, obscurity. If she hadn’t lived it, she would have never believed it. Now that she's been chosen, there is no backing out, she wasn’t given a choice. Genetics, the luck of the proverbial draw, her bloodline tied her to this world from the very beginning.

      With the help of some unlikely cohorts, Hope must figure out her place as a warrior in a secret battle, a fight that had raged on and endured for much longer than recorded time. She must also try to understand growing feelings of confusion as pertaining to her newly established acquaintances. All of this she must do while holding the title of Theism’s Most Wanted.

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