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What are the Archives of Metaphysical Warfare?

The Archives of Metaphysical Ware are a comprehensive collection of detailed accounts, artifacts, information, and evidence of the war for ultimate possession of the earth plane.
Based on legendary, mythical, historical, and theological research, we are the keepers of all which lies on the hidden edges of the worlds beyond our own. The barriers that had been set since before the birth of humanity, have been broken.

Though there have been other protectors throughout time, the battles they faced were elementary, compared to what is now and what is to come.

In the past, Earth's protectors policed the borders, making sure all sides maintained the the laws set forth by God and enforcing those laws by any means necessary. Each person started out making their way through normal life, but that normal life becomes shattered by a sudden understanding and genetic responsibility seeming to be much too large of a task to place on a single individual. However, this particular story about this particular person is unlike any other texts that we currently hold.

These texts, according to prophecy, mark the beginning of the end.

These are the stories of Hope and, just as her name implies, the fate of our world rests on her shoulders.

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