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[This section was written by some of the most important people in my life. I can write about a million imaginary characters, but I have a terrible time figuring out what to write about myself. So, in the interest of such, I decided to allow you all to see who I am from the perspective of some of the individuals in my life who know me the best. These are copied word for word, as they gave them to me. Pardon any errors, they are not professional writers. These are their raw words.]

My daughter Charity has went through many life changing experiences, much more than the average person could or would want to handle. She has come out as a stronger woman, ready always to tackle the next hurdle that comes along. She is a mother who would go to the end protecting her children and helping them through their daily struggles. She is strong in her faith and it has helped her through so much.   I have always been amazed at her artistic abilities whether they be as an artist with a brush or as a writer.  I'm looking forward to reading her book and the adventures she puts before me.  I'm sure she will put a lot of herself deep into its characters and their adventures.

  • Debbie C. (Mother)


Charity could have been a scientist of anything , but chose to be happy & have the life she has today.

  • Jim W. (Father)


My sister

My sister is someone you listen to. Someone to listen to about advice, knowledge, and stories whether they are true or made up. 

Charity, has this creative mind that could always take us on adventures. Showing me how to fish in puddles and make mud pies growing up on our farm as kids. But while our childhood years were fun and they went by too quickly, Charity also had to grow up quick. Having two beautiful and kind children, my niece and nephew, shortly after high school. Along the way, she attended college and worked following a passion for art as she always had a pen to paper. 

We couldn’t be more happy and proud of her to bring this passion to a reality with her first book! Love you so much,

Chelsey Jojo.

  • Chelsey A. (Sister)

Charity is the most caring person I know. I’m incredibly proud of how much work, time, and energy she has spent on this book. She truly has a gift when it comes to creativity and the ability to convey her message in writing. I’m very blessed to be her husband.
      -    Jeremey Gaff (Husband)


My mom is one of the most kind hearted people you’ll ever meet. Quite honestly, she’s my hero. She is always so hard working. She loves writing. It gets her out of her own head and into someone else’s. She’s so creative with it. I am so proud of her for how far she’s gotten and become. She’s her own person. This book is a part of her though. A part of her that she hasn’t allowed anyone to really see until now. I believe she will go far.

  • Faith (Daughter)

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