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Volume 3: When Twilight Ends

When last we left Hope, they had finally returned from their visit to the Veil, after being in a bit of a turmoiled situation. Once Upon a Time in Detroit had left off with Asmodeus being taken by Lucian Alistair and Hope pushed through a portal into the unknown. Just as the book was closing, Hope found herself on Earth, on the cold ground somewhere near neon lights, before everything went dark and she fell into unconscious.


Volume 3, introduces new characters, namely Harvey. Harvey, another Tum’ah Dām with unlikely characteristics, has found her and brought her off of the grid, not only to hide out from those that might be hunting her at this moment, but so his own leader can have a meeting with the Chimera. His leader, one of the oldest (by his words misunderstood) villains of all time discusses an alliance. It is up to Hope to decide on this new acquaintance, but she won't get much time to decide before her world shifts once again. Will she decide to rely on those she already knows or will she decide to start building her ranks for the ever approaching war she is to fight?

[**Unofficial Sneak Peek of Volume 3]   

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