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Lexion of the Chronicler

Volume 1 - The End is the Beginning is the End
[Note: I am not fluent in any of these languages (except for English) and I would ask you to take into consideration that the way definitions are worded is not my own style of doing things. I used online translators for anything that I couldn’t handle myself. I created this glossary because personally, when I read, I don’t like the flow of  my reading to be interrupted and thought that there might be others out there that share my opinion. I want my readers to understand my books, but at the same time, I don’t like interrupting the story.]


Talyâ d’Alâhâ [Galilean Aramaic] - Child of God (Page 16)
‘Almah [Hebrew] - Young Woman (Page19)

Bonum mane, Deifilia [Latin] - Good morning, God’s daughter. (Page 28)

Deifilia [Latin] - Daughter of God (Page 28)
Dei Malleo [Latin] - Hammer of God (Page 28)

Elenin [Hebrew] - Hammer of God (Page 28)
Deus his opus habet videre in mane coram. Vocationem Yhidrial hoc est, non velle puer per Deum.  [Latin] - Deus needs to see you before morning. You should call Yhidrial this does not concern the Child of God. (Page 34)

Puer Deus [Latin] - Child of God (Page 39

Caelum et Infernum [Latin] - Heaven and Hell (Page 58)

Beannachtaí.  An bhfuil tú réidh, leanbh Dé [Gaelic] - Greetings, are you ready to go, Child of God.

Tá [Gaelic] - Yes. (Page 59)

M'ainm is Venetia [Gaelic] My name is Venetia. (Page 59)

Venetia [Gaelic] - Blessed (Page 59)

Slán, ba bhreá liom bualadh leat [Gaelic] - Good bye, It was a pleasure to meet you.

Tum’ah Dām [Hebrew] - Impure Blood, Monsters, Creatures, Outsiders (Page 83)

Carissimi unum [Latin] - Dear One (Page 88)

Ytzr kshr [Hebrew] - Contact (Page 94)

Hiys'tor'yah, Dvry Ymy Hvr [Hebrew] - Heaven’s Bible, the History of Time Itself in its entirety, as recorded by Heaven.

Libro Sacro or In Libro Inferos - [Latin] Hell’s Bible, Sacred Book, the Book of Hell, according to Hell’s perspective of time. (Page 112)
Filia Dei [Latin] - Daughter of God (Page 114)
Dulcedo [Latin] - Sweetness (Page 114)

Quid tu hic agis? [Latin] - What are you doing here? (Page 119)

Nos sunt hic ad armata Megaera quaedam de opinione citius intercepti. [Latin] - We are here to see Megaera concerning some urgent business. (Page 119)

Sequere [Latin] - Follow (Page119)

Ut ostium crinem solvere ingredi [Latin] - Loosen the lock of this door, so I may enter. (Page 120)

Megaera veniam sunt externis theatrum petens [Latin] - Beg pardon Megaera, there are outsiders requesting an audience. (Page 120)

Firmamentum est ad Inferos [Latin] - The Vault of Hell (Page 122)

Sanctus Mater [Latin] - Holy Mother (Page 124)
Vorago [Latin] - The abyss; the name for Hell, before it became Hell. (Page 128)

Stagnum Ignis [Latin] - Lake of Fire (Page 138)

Volume 2 - Once Upon a Time in Detroit

Dulcedo [Latin] - Sweetness
Tum’ah Dām [Hebrew] - Impure Blood, Monsters, Creatures, Outsiders
Hiys'tor'yah, Dvry Ymy Hvr [Hebrew] - Heaven’s Bible, the History of Time Itself in its entirety, as recorded by Heaven.

Carissimi unum [Latin] - Dear One
Lacus Ignis [Latin] - Lake of Fire

Contractus meam [Latin[] - Soul contract

Hellspeak - The language of Hell

Huza Neshma [Hebrew] - Soul contract

Enochian - The language of Heaven

Hougan - The term for a male priest in Haitian Vodou

Aperi ad Animam [Latin] - To open the soul
Hanashma Inthocia [Hebrew] - To open the soul
Mambo - The term for a female priest in Haitian Vodou

Soul - The energy source and essense of a human

Grace of God - The energy source and essense of an angel

Animalem - The energy source and essense of a primary creature

Eternal Damnation - The energy source and essense of Hell

Khawa [Assyrian] - Life

Diadhaidh [Scots Gaelic] - Divine

Deifilia [Latin] - Daughter of God

Cara tu lumen mi ignis mi. Unio est vetiti… [Latin] - You, my dear, light my fire. The union is forbidden.

Filia reginae, oportet esse ex animo. [Latin] - Princess, you must be out of your mind.

Salve pulchra [Latin] - Good morning, Princess.

Salve est, aequum miles. [Latin] - Hello, fair soldier.

Finde den Wolf der drei Feuer. [German] - Find the Wolf of the Three Fires.

Mingan [Algonquin] - Grey Wolf

Rowtag Achak (Algonquin] - Fire Spirit

Ikwe Manitou. Maheegan kímodiye. [Algonquin] - Woman of God. The Wolf could not dream without you.

Waawaatesi [Algonquin] - Flickering Lights

Nisswi Manitoᐧwi [Algonquin] - Three Spirit

Myewi [Algonquin] - Path

Saweᐧlentaᐧkosiwin [Algonquin] - Blessings

Matoᐧt-ketwohtheᐧwa [Algonquin] - He who walks through fire

Takwaᐧkwenki [Algonquin] - He who has fallen

Ašikeᐧwa [Algonquin] - Builder

Kanaweᐧnim [Algonquin] - Protector

Kiᐧsiheᐧw [Algonquin] - Beloved

Keᐧssikkaw kikkeᐧnintiso [Algonquin] - You will know yourself in time.

Kapeᐧsiw wiki [Algonquin] - You will stay the night in the tent.

Takoneᐧw oskiniᐧkiskweᐧw. Kanawaᐧpahčikeᐧw. [Algonquin] - Hold the young woman close. Watch over her.

Nimata [Algonquin] - My brothers

Weᐧkw- [Algonquin] - What is it?

Salve, ama. [Latin] - Hello, Love.

Waawaatesi kwiᐧthawaᐧpaminaᐧkwesiwa. [Algonquin] - Waawaatest is missing.

So-hke-yihta-koswi we-ta-se-wa ni-mata maneto-wiwa pemo-hnatam. [Algonquin] - He is a brave warrior your brother the spirit walker.

Wi-yakat nitta-ke pakeme-wa. Ma-kohe-w to-taw nese-wa. [Algonquin] - It is a pity that I must strike him to murder him. I am forced to kill him.

Manaci [Algonquin] - bad, evil, harmful, wrong

Myaᐧli eškwaᐧnteᐧmi [Algonquin] - Hell Gate

Im af ekhad lo yadbar, ani adavar. anahno kan order ladber al hadbrim hala tveig shehterachso bimim acharonic. [Hebrew] - If no one will speak, I will. We are here to speak of the unnatural things that have taken place within the last few days.

Admission latzeif al yedi bnei huamn inna eudedt, ach gam lo asura. [Hebrew] - Entrance into the Veil by humans is not encouraged, but not forbidden either.

Ulam, sad sanchans latzeif hoa mesho shmaulm lo kreh babar. am boa hakarav al aharit time, insersurens mathilim geta dekim. [Hebrew] - However, a demon entering the Veil is something that has never happened before. With the Battle of the End of Days coming, barriers are beginning to become thin.

Pnaves shalkam hen habahira shalkam, ulam kashar hen stachio lahshafia al hesder hotebai sal hadbrim, ze hazman shvo ze hofech lavaia. [Hebrew] - Your actions are your choice, however when they begin affecting the natural order of things, this is when it becomes a problem.

Baud eno mabinim sureyou tyrone wadayn lahavin at haklalim sal oalm hedash ze swaster geta hashof, anahno gam cavivim ment ko ipsehu. [Hebrew] - While we understand that you are a novice and still figuring out the rules of this new world that you have become privy to, we also must draw a line somewhere.

Hatavah hoa kahsa am metra, art lo yakul lakhoff otho lartzonk. hatzaif hoa halak mza. hoa nevna kind sal hatbunim vachal neshma senematzat kan, kan mesiba massoeman. [ Hebrew] - Nature is as such with a purpose, you can not bend it to your will. The Veil is part of this. It was built as a place of contemplation and each soul that is here, here for a reason.

Zohi hehalt pocomidation asher theyo shkulkam aroer geta mosra sheaves bakdam hupsare. [Hebrew] - It is the decision of the powers that be that you are all to be removed from the Veil as soon as possible. 

Art lo srech lahazur. ethm jodaim, buadiuc chammono, sheza lo mcumeno geta kan velatarv. [Hebrew] - You are not to return. You know, just as we do, that it is not our place to be here and interfere.

ethm, shaytam kan poat rabot babar, mechirim at hoki hachaim enchensim limmlekt antidal. ma shashlushetkem ashitam kan hoa lo bamsgrat haklalim halle, at ze hashavat shalkam hea srech lelmad. [Hebrew] - You, who have been here many times before, know the rules of the living entering the realm of the dead. What you three have done here is not within those rules, this you should have been taught by your tribe.

Lech, hudian, yish herba ma lalmod. chonothicham you starian, ach lipni shatem ratzim, aleichem lelkat tahila. kashata leaves at hamekum hazeh, zakour ma kreh kan. zechro at kohacham vebno elio, ach hisharo batuk hesder hotebai. alohim, alohim, bra athachm am coha rab vatam thashu herba tob, ebl ethm cavivim let latsamacham zones lalmod. [Hebrew] - You, my sister, have a lot to learn. Your intentions were pure, but before you run you must first walk. When you leave this place, remember what has happened here. Remember your strength and build upon it, however stay within the natural order. The Lord, God, has made you with great power and you will do much good, but you must give yourself time to learn.

Caelestia Dona [Latin] - Heavenly Gifts

Damnatio Donorum [Latin] - Damnation Gifts

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